Wednesday, December 17, 2008

You better watch out!!

It's getting to be that time of year again. CHRISTMAS WISH LIST!!

I've just picked up a bunch of stuff in Hong Kong and China (more on that soon! I have many posts sitting waiting to be finished! I am a lazy sod!) but if I had money to spend all over the internets this is what I'd want Santa to wrap up under the Christmas tree.

1. Well I am totally wanting this adorable hat (on a scary mannequin!). I have been after a straw boater for a while now. I think they are pretty neat. I would probably change the ribbon to something more nautical (I have an obsession with it)

2. But these boots really have me in a tizz. They are the dream booties I have been searching for. Sadly, they've been sold already. But damn if it hasn't got me on a search for another pair of these delightful pixie boots.

3. ALLLL of these Harajuku lovers perfume. They are irresistibly adorable. I don't even care what they smell like (which I'm sure is fabulous anyway). They will probably sell out before I can even get my hands on them but it doesn't stop the wanting! They remind me of Kekoshi dolls!

4. Cornelia by Angelique Houtkamp. I have loved her art for a while now. She's a Dutch tattooist turned artist who's talent blows my mind! I own her book. I love her old school Sailor Jerry meets Andy Warhol style. I would fall head over heads if I could ever get her to tattoo me! Since purchasing two lovely paintings in Beijing (not Angelique), I have been lusting for more art pieces to hang in my house back home (which I don't have yet!). This is only a print but it high quality and still beautiful. Sadly it's a little out of my price range. *sigh*

5. Speaking of out of my price range (and more art), I really want a Fawn Gehweiler piece. I love her characters. They make me smile. I love the way she uses all the different shades of pink. But sadly, both are out of my league, especially considering the terribleness of the Australian dollar right now!

6. The Captain Dress by Betty Page. It's the most perfect nautical dress I have ever seen. It's even Blair approved! (from Gossip Girl. I'm so obsessed with it. She wears the pencil skirt version when she is about to fly off to Europe with Chuck)

7. Red Feather Fans. I am in a burlesque troupe back home (more exciting news about this later) and I've been dreaming up and act involving a pair of these gorgeous red feather burlesque fans ala Sally Rand! I want some so bad!

8. Lime Crime Make-up. I've been reading Xenia's blog for years now! And now the amazingly clever darling has bought out her own make-up line! She makes me feel positively lazy! Her products are amazing. These are the ones I covet the most.

Poodle Pink eye pigment. Just look at how it sparkles. It's the perfect girly shade of pink! WANTS!

Blushes in Electric Peach and Marie Antoinette. I have always loved bright coloured blush. I still use my hot pink eye shadow as blush sometimes. So electric peach is right up my alley! I'm also really intrigued my the colour of the Marie Antoinette. I just want to try it!

Transylvania Glitter. This would be perfect for jazzing up my red lipstick for Burlesque! Just look at that sparkle. It would look AMAZING on stage!

9. Rabbit necklace by the French Factory. This necklace is the cutest thing on the planet! Enough said!

10. Cupcake Containers! I will be needing a cupcake courier next year for very exciting reasons! It's a fabulous invention. And well, the little hostess lunchbox cupcake holder is just too cute to resist! I love bento stuff so much!

11. Retro Japanese fabric. oh the possibilities! I could make so so many adorable things!

12. A kitchen aid mixer. I have been dreaming of buying myself one of these babies for YEARS! They really are the BEST! I might be needing one soon anyway so I should just treat myself!

I know it's silly to wish so big in a time of recession but one can dream of all these beautiful things sitting under the Christmas tree, impeccably wrapped. Sigh. Christmas.

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