Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2 oh oh 9

2009 is here!!! I have so many things I want to and HAVE to achieve. I don't think I did as much with this year as I could have. I think having so much time to myself and being away from everything and everyone has made me lazy. I feel I definitely could have done more! So here is my list for 2009:

1. Do more sewing. I have so many wonderful fabrics and patterns but something always gets in the way, usually vegetating on the couch or looking up useless stuff on the net. If I put an hour aside every evening to sew I could have a new piece of clothing adorable every week! I'd also like to be able to make my own patterns so doing some classes this year would be good!

2. Keep up the exercise. I have been exercising a lot more than usual and I really want to keep that up. I adore yoga and swimming and even lifting weights! I will definitely be joining a gym with a pool! I think I will even buy a bike to run all my errands around the neighbourhood on. I got addicted to bike riding in Kyoto.

3. Improve my Charleston and Lindy hop. I LOVE my dancing. I feel at my happiest when I'm being flung around the dance floor or cutting loose on my own with some crazy Charleston. Being away from Perth meant that I couldn't partner dance anymore (Mr A doesn't swing). I have been doing some Charleston but the hot weather makes it difficult to practise a lot without dying. I've also had problems with my knees that I haven't addressed because doctors in Thailand are a little scary. So I will be going mad on dancing when I get back! If I could get this good I'd be in heaven.

4. Start Clara Cupcakes! I'm starting my own cupcake bakery! My lovely friend Mel (and the owner of my burlesque troupe) has offered me the bar in her new space, the Burlesque Lounge. It will only be twice a week but it's a great way to get my teeth into the business, test recipes and see if it's all really for me without outlaying any massive costs. I'm hoping to also start my own little line of retro aprons to go along with it and eventually own my own bakery. *squeal*

5. Have more parties! Invite more people over for dinner too! I love cooking and don't do it enough! I love cooking for other people and making them happy through food. And parties are always glorious fun. Totally worth the clean up the next day.

6. Reach my goal weight. It has been eluding me for years and appears to only be getting further away! 9kgs and counting!!! If I keep the exercising next year it should be no problem.

7. Be flexible enough to do the splits. I am so close!!! Just a few more centimeters. I used to be really flexible when I was younger but have gotten less so over the years. I want it back!

8. Improve my Japanese. I speak broken Japanese at best. I really want to get fluent so I can have a conversation with my wonderful host mother in Tomioka. It would be wonderful! So I plan to be conversational by the end of the year.

9. Buy a house! This is something me and Mr A are obsessed with at the moment. We have been searching real estate websites like crazy. I really want a 1920's house. Wood floors, high ceilings, an old auger in the kitchen. Lovely. I can picture it all in my head. Something like this! Oh I can see it now!!

10. Stop procrastinating and make better use of my time. This way, I can achieve all my goals for the year! Woohoo!!!

11. Get back to tap lessons. I gave them up in a bout of frustrated arghness but I really want to learn to tap. It would help a lot with my Charleston dancing. Plus, Gene Kelly is my god. If I could ever dance even a 10th as well as he could I would die happy.

12. Get a little playmate for Gretchen. We will both be working next year so Gretchie will need some company. She's okay on her own (British sort hairs usually are) but I think she would like a friend. She's also really overweight from living in a smaller apartment (she's an inside cat) for the last 6 months. Having a friend to tear around with should help her shed those extra kilos.

Hopefully I can tick all these off this year. One for every month. Happy times!!!! Have a great New Year everyone!!!


Sarah Von said...

Those are really, really fantastic goals! And dance related goals? A girl after my own heart - mine is to perfect the 'Thriller' dance.

Katie @ Très Lola said...

love your blog sweets! just found it & love all the photos down in previous posts... will be back.

Rachel said...

I am also hoping to do some sewing lessons this year for the same reason, let's do them together!
also cupcaking sounds super exciting! let me know if you'll be needing any helpers! & good luck with everything!

sarah said...

wow a CUPCAKE bakery!!

i would come and buy some! Japan is most definitely lacking in the cupcake department

Clara Cupcakes said...

Sarah Von - AHHH! I want to learn the Thriller dance so bad! I know bits but can never remember it all!!

Katie - Awww shucks! Thanks! Your blog is pretty neat too!

Rachel - YES!!!! we must! I have a plan. How about I tell you about it IN THREE WEEKS WHEN I SEE YOU IN PERSON! WOOHOOO!!!

Sarah - I know! I was looking for a cupcake store when I was there this time last year. Lots of other scrumptious cakes but no cupcakes. And cupcakes are the cutest of all deserts. It seems right up their alley.