Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Dear construction workers on my soi,
I am writing to you about a matter that until now I found ignorable. I know you have a shitty job and need some entertainment but I would like to inform you that that is, in fact, not me. I get annoyed enough when you stare at my boobs, talk very obviously about them in Thai and even make gestures that are clearly about my boobs when all I am trying to do it get to the BTS at the end of the street. It's disgusting an makes me very mad and self conscious. I understand Thai women don't really have big boobs but that it no excuse.
Today, however, you actually made me cry. I couldn't believe how horrible it was, even for you pigs. You walked behind me pretending to be a fat person. Cheeks puffed out, arms spread wide, bow legged walk, the whole fat impersonation shebang. And then laughing in my face when I turned around to catch you in the act. No sorry, no "kathoid na krup", nothing.
I am appalled. I let you get away with it once. Next time I will break your noses. Don't think I won't. Have some respect. I only wish I knew how to cuss you out so bad in Thai that your great grandfather would be offended. You are all filthy, horrid pigs and I hate you.
Yours sincerely

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Lexi said...

Total bastards.
I am always appauled at the way men feel like they can objectify women in the most painful ways.
Not as bad as your situation, but I overheard guys talking about me on a street corner the other day. They said I had a ba-donk-a-donk butt. Did. Not. Appreciate. That. Thx!
Love you xox