Friday, December 19, 2008

Loy Loy Kratong!

A few weeks ago here in Thailand, we celebrated the Loy Kratong festival. I was super excited because I seem to have managed to miss every major Thai festival and holiday since I've been here. Loy Kratong is a celebration of the river. People take flower wishing rafts down to the river, light the candles/incense/sparklers and set them afloat. It looks so pretty,all the flowers and lights floating on the water. We (being the usual suspects Nick, Kim, Morgan and Marisa) decided to go to the reflecting pool at the local university instead of the river because a) we knew where it was, unike the river where we weren't sure where we could and couldn't go to release the kratongs and b) figured it might be less crowded. WRONG! it was super crowded and took us forever just to get through the gates. But everyone was in such a festive mood that we didn't really care!

Here is myself and Mr A with our kratong. Apologies for my sleepy/sick look. I had a wicked chest infection that was not being helped by the Bangkok air or all the incense smoke.
Here's Nick and Kim being their adorable selves putting their kratong in the water. There were so many! It was stunning.

Later we bought sparklers and ran around waving them in the air like 5 year olds. Good times were had by all!

I was just really glad to be able to celebrate a Thai holiday! I'm happy it was one that was so pretty!

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Vixel said...

Wow, it's absolutely beautiful!