Saturday, December 20, 2008

Not So Turkey Day!

So you have heard about a million times already about my lovely American friends over here who keep me sane. It great having them, not only for friendship but experiencing new and exciting things! Case and point: Thanksgiving! I was so excited! I always liked the look of American holiday food (my family don't really celebrate anything much) so was really excited to see what everyone would bring! Of course I forgot to take photos as per usual so I pinched these from Morgana!

My chickens! Turkey was way too expensive so I vetoed it. This is my favourite recipe, although you don't want to make it too often. You stuff the breast with herb butter so it's super fatty but I figured it was a special occasion.

Kitchen bitches Morgan and Kim, complete with adorable aprons!

The FEAST! Well, actually about half of it. The dessert is on another table.

Here's what we had:

Herb roast chicken (me)
Apple cider glazed pork roast (me)
Gravy (me - best gravy I have ever made)
Roast garlic (me)
Goats cheese and pear salad (Kim)
Cranberry and apple stuffing (Kim -
it was so good!)
Jalapenos mashed potatoes (Nick - super delicious!)
Sweet potato casserole (Morgan - it's some crazy arse southern dish but OMG it's good!)
Jalapeno Corn bread (Morgan)
Rolls (me! That's right, I made bread!)
Marisa was supposed to bring veggies but she turned up after everything was cooked. But she also had the ice cream for dessert which consisted of:

Apple crumble pie (me)
Sticky rice (Dwight)
Fruit salad (Cayla)
Cinnamon cupcakes with cranberry glaze and cream cheese icing (me)
Rum ball and cookies (Natsuko)

We were crazy stuffed full afterwards. I was a great night. Two people turned up without food which was kinda annoying because everyone had put so much effort in and they just mooched. Especially when one of them bragged about going to three thanksgivings! Grrrrr! But what can you do. We ended the night watching hilarious Japanese game show clips on youtube. Naturally!


Fashion Hayley said...

Yeah I lived with an American and Canadian in Japan so we had 2 Thanksgivings (they are on different dates in Canada and the USA, heck I didn't even know Canada celebrated it too till I lived in Japan) Unfortunately all I could eat was mashed potatoes and salad, everything else was meaty, but it was fun! We had an oven about the size of a small microwave and they cooked a Turkey in that! We had to kinda squish it in, so funny. At least we had an oven, no one else I knew had that luxury in Japan.

I hate moochers too!

Clara Cupcakes said...

HA! In a microwave? And here I was bitching about my tiny Thai oven! That's crazy!

Oh and you would have been able to stuff yourself FULL at my thanksgiving! we had so many side dishes, not including dessert. I still felt full the next day!