Sunday, September 14, 2008

Stop! Clara Time!!

I am probably going to regret putting this up but what the hey! Every time I watch it I giggle at it's ridiculousness. So why not share it!

So the I have been reading the blog of the loveliness that is Queen Gilda for quite a while now. She is super lovely and stylish and funky. She has an internship at Patricia Field for gods sake! She makes AMAZING clothing. So when she announced a competition in celebration of her etsy store I just had to enter. It was for a pair of her sparkley hammer pants for goodness sake!

I initially meant to enter almost immediately. I wen t all around Bangkok looking for awesome 80's clothing. To my annoyance and frustration, there wasn't any. I couldn't even find any awesome 80's fabric to McGyver my own pair of hammer pantsy goodness. So I gave up.

But when Gilda put up the last call for entries, my pants wanting senses went into over drive and I HAD to enter. It was a force of nature.

I rushed round the house trying to find some suitable hammer-esque attire. I found the god awful orange snow jacket that Alex got in Japan (I hate it with the burning passion of a million suns). And for the pants I found some star spangled fabric in the back of my wardrobe that I thought would do just fine. I quiffed my hair into a faux flat top, pulled on my high tops and slapped on my aviators. To be honest the hammer pants felt like I was wearing a big nappy. I was safety pinned and all. And that jacket was daaaammmmm hot in the BKK heat!

After watching the video twice, I decided I had a basic knowledge of how to hammer dance. And away we went. A slightly grumpy Mr A was the director and cinematographer. After several take with major wardrobe malfunctions (i.e. the pants falling of) we managed to get one where the pants only fell down a bit and I looked a little less spazzo. And voila! There you have it. Clara Time! Enjoy! I don't think I'll win. Arabelle made ridculously awesome video that I think will have me beat, but I had fun anyway! Enjoy!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Houston. We have a problem.

Photo by telwink

Some bad news from the world of cupcakes. I suppose this does present me with a good opportunity to explain to me what I'm doing here in lil' ol' Bangkok.

Mr A got transferred here for work just over a year ago. He is an engineer for a company that requires him to travel a lot. I didn't move with him to begin with because I was a very bad time for me to leave Perth. We had only just gotten our first cat and I refused to leave her while she was so young (we got her and found out a month later that Mr A was leaving). I also had a few important opportunities happening for me in Perth. I wanted to see how they would pan out. Plus I was already planning to go on a trip to Japan and through Asia so I figured I'd stay for a few months in Bangkok. So that's what I did. I wasn't planning on coming back for so long but Mr A's contract got extended by 6 month so I figured I'd just get a visa and move for the rest of the time he was here.

It was a pretty huge decision for me. I had already quit my previous job (which was actually pretty good), left behind a pretty awesome spot in my burlesque troupe and most traumatically, my cat, Gretchen (as I have previously mentioned, we couldn't bring her to Bangkok for quarantine reasons). But it was a good decision. I love it here and love being here with Mr A. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Mr A's contract is up in January so there was a good chance we wouldn't be going back to Perth. His company was taking their sweet arse time deciding where to send him (which is evident in the fact they extended his contract here in Thailand by 6 month - they hadn't bothered to decide where to send him next). So he had been putting feelers out for Angola, San Francisco and Los Angeles. Angola would be month on, month off so I would have Mr A all to myself for a whole month and he would be earning the mega bucks. LA and San Fran would be just plain awesome. Plus I have friends in both those places. I had all these plans of working part time and maybe studying. Perhaps do a professional baking course. So when his company finally had a meeting about where they were sending the grads, I was so excited. So many options.

Here is where they want to send us: Houston. HOUSTON! The most boring city in Texas. At least this is what all my American friends tell me. They are all like "ohhh, you don't want to move there." Even people from Texas say that!!! It's so far away from everyone! No-one will visit me there! I can't visit anyone from there without is costing an arm and a leg. The weather is terrible for my cat and as far as I'm concerned there is nothing for me there. I am so mad at A's work for not even taking in his location preferences. Stupid corporate jerks.

So we are going to try and get his transfer changed to a different location. I flat out refuse to move there. I would have to completely start over and I seriously think it would be the end of me. I am not a Southern girl. I refuse! Cross your fingers for me!



Monday, September 8, 2008

Swimming in the Rain

My lovely American teacher buddies came over for a swim in our lovely roof top pool. Sadly, the Bangkok weather had other ideas for us and issued a down pour of biblical proportions. Lightning and thunder too! It's the wet season here so the weather can be pretty unpredictable. As I am typing the clouds are gathering and I can hear thunder in the distance.

So after about 2 hours of sitting inside (and several G & Ts) we decided to hoof it up to the roof, with our drinks, in our togs and go for a dip. Even when it rains here it isn't cold so that wasn't a problem. The temperature was peeeerrrrfect. We took Mr A's Olympus camera up with us, which is actually waterproof, and of course that resulted in some ridiculous photos. It was crazy fun! Here are just a few of them. (Kim sadly didn't go in the water - she was scared of the lightning.)

Marisa, Morgan and Me in the rain!!


Mr A and Nick - drinking and linking buddies!
My attempt at being "fierce". Mr A ruined it! Tyra would totally call me out for my left foot not being pointed anyway (I have developed a HUGE obsession with America's Next Top Model)

Gosh he can be a worry sometimes.


Circle of friends. Mr's A eyes freak me out in this picture!

Fun times were had by all. It was still raining when we left the pool. Once we dried off we had more drinks and played the champion drinking game of "Guess that Cover!" It was pretty hilarious. These guys are the best and worst thing about living overseas. They are wonderful because they are so so fun and great to go out with but I'll miss them like crazy when I leave!! I will be super sad!