Sunday, September 14, 2008

Stop! Clara Time!!

I am probably going to regret putting this up but what the hey! Every time I watch it I giggle at it's ridiculousness. So why not share it!

So the I have been reading the blog of the loveliness that is Queen Gilda for quite a while now. She is super lovely and stylish and funky. She has an internship at Patricia Field for gods sake! She makes AMAZING clothing. So when she announced a competition in celebration of her etsy store I just had to enter. It was for a pair of her sparkley hammer pants for goodness sake!

I initially meant to enter almost immediately. I wen t all around Bangkok looking for awesome 80's clothing. To my annoyance and frustration, there wasn't any. I couldn't even find any awesome 80's fabric to McGyver my own pair of hammer pantsy goodness. So I gave up.

But when Gilda put up the last call for entries, my pants wanting senses went into over drive and I HAD to enter. It was a force of nature.

I rushed round the house trying to find some suitable hammer-esque attire. I found the god awful orange snow jacket that Alex got in Japan (I hate it with the burning passion of a million suns). And for the pants I found some star spangled fabric in the back of my wardrobe that I thought would do just fine. I quiffed my hair into a faux flat top, pulled on my high tops and slapped on my aviators. To be honest the hammer pants felt like I was wearing a big nappy. I was safety pinned and all. And that jacket was daaaammmmm hot in the BKK heat!

After watching the video twice, I decided I had a basic knowledge of how to hammer dance. And away we went. A slightly grumpy Mr A was the director and cinematographer. After several take with major wardrobe malfunctions (i.e. the pants falling of) we managed to get one where the pants only fell down a bit and I looked a little less spazzo. And voila! There you have it. Clara Time! Enjoy! I don't think I'll win. Arabelle made ridculously awesome video that I think will have me beat, but I had fun anyway! Enjoy!


Fashion Hayley said...

WOW your dancing is AMAZING! You should totally win for sure. I love it. You have the same energy as the dancers in the real film clip, wow so good.

Lexi said...

You're hilarious! Love it!