Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Houston. We have a problem.

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Some bad news from the world of cupcakes. I suppose this does present me with a good opportunity to explain to me what I'm doing here in lil' ol' Bangkok.

Mr A got transferred here for work just over a year ago. He is an engineer for a company that requires him to travel a lot. I didn't move with him to begin with because I was a very bad time for me to leave Perth. We had only just gotten our first cat and I refused to leave her while she was so young (we got her and found out a month later that Mr A was leaving). I also had a few important opportunities happening for me in Perth. I wanted to see how they would pan out. Plus I was already planning to go on a trip to Japan and through Asia so I figured I'd stay for a few months in Bangkok. So that's what I did. I wasn't planning on coming back for so long but Mr A's contract got extended by 6 month so I figured I'd just get a visa and move for the rest of the time he was here.

It was a pretty huge decision for me. I had already quit my previous job (which was actually pretty good), left behind a pretty awesome spot in my burlesque troupe and most traumatically, my cat, Gretchen (as I have previously mentioned, we couldn't bring her to Bangkok for quarantine reasons). But it was a good decision. I love it here and love being here with Mr A. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Mr A's contract is up in January so there was a good chance we wouldn't be going back to Perth. His company was taking their sweet arse time deciding where to send him (which is evident in the fact they extended his contract here in Thailand by 6 month - they hadn't bothered to decide where to send him next). So he had been putting feelers out for Angola, San Francisco and Los Angeles. Angola would be month on, month off so I would have Mr A all to myself for a whole month and he would be earning the mega bucks. LA and San Fran would be just plain awesome. Plus I have friends in both those places. I had all these plans of working part time and maybe studying. Perhaps do a professional baking course. So when his company finally had a meeting about where they were sending the grads, I was so excited. So many options.

Here is where they want to send us: Houston. HOUSTON! The most boring city in Texas. At least this is what all my American friends tell me. They are all like "ohhh, you don't want to move there." Even people from Texas say that!!! It's so far away from everyone! No-one will visit me there! I can't visit anyone from there without is costing an arm and a leg. The weather is terrible for my cat and as far as I'm concerned there is nothing for me there. I am so mad at A's work for not even taking in his location preferences. Stupid corporate jerks.

So we are going to try and get his transfer changed to a different location. I flat out refuse to move there. I would have to completely start over and I seriously think it would be the end of me. I am not a Southern girl. I refuse! Cross your fingers for me!




Fashion Hayley said...

Ahhhh that is sucky. I hope they do change the transfer, it isn't fair to do that to people, but then I guess it could kinda be hard for them to ever get people to move to the sucky places.

Clara Cupcakes said...

Ah but heaps of people actually want to go there within his company. They have just stupidly tried to transfer the one person that doesn't! I hate them so much right now!!

Rachel said...

wah. how long would the contract be for if it can't be changed? I hope it can be though! You're both too interesting/fun/exciting for a town like Houston!

Alex said...

I will have to give u some advice. I am a Houstonian who will soon be moving to bkk thats actually how I started reading ur blog. I have to say I am not a big fan of Houston and I have lived here most of my life although for the past 4 yrs I was living in Paris and I recently returned for a bit and then went to bkk for 3mths. And have to go back to bkk in Nov.and will be there for a year. Here are a few things about H-town.
Positive things..
Great Restaurants!!
Young Professional scene.
In the fall/winter and beginning of spring the weather is quite lovely. beautiful days at about 75 degrees.
There is a big lounge/bar scene.
Housing market is very good.
Urban living is much the thing now.
Great place to have pets.
Shopping is good too.
Best day is Sunday many great brunches around town.
Good vintage shopping.
Austin is 2hrs away its a great weekend getaway.
San Antonio is 3hrs away another good weekend getaway.
U have to have a car.
Bars close at 2am.
People are a bit closed minded.
Humid in the Summer but u should be used to that in bkk.
It was once the fattest city in America.

By all means if he can get it changed that would be better but if for some reason he is not able to it wont be that bad. I have had many great memories here and will be leaving behind many great friends. If u do have to live here it wont be that bad I promise. I have a few friends who are from Europe who were placed here for work and absolutely love it. I find it a bit strange cuz I prefer europe any day over Houston. But if they can love it here then it cant be that bad of a city. Good luck!

Clara Cupcakes said...

Rachel: I know! Do not what to leave everyone so far behind!

Alex: Thanks for that. It's nice to hear some nice things about Houston. It's not so much Houston itself I have problem with I guess, it's the distance it is from everything I know and love. I would have to start all over again. At least Bangkok is close enough to Australia for people to visit and me to visit them. I guess I'm just a little afraid of being so far away. My closest friend is in San Antonio, the rest are all in San Fran, Seattle and New York. *sigh* It's just such a HUGE change. I can't get my head around it.

Thanks for reading! I always get a suprised when people read my blog that aren't friends and family. Seeing you've already lived here for a bit I'm sure you already know it all! I hope you are happy about moving here. I love this city!

constance said...

just in case you end up there, you should go to Sugarbaby's for really great cupcakes.


Super Kawaii Mama said...

Clara: I'm heading to Houston myself next week, just for a visit, but my BF was transferred there from Melbourne. It is true that one one other friend has made the effort to see her in almost two years, but we have frequent Skype dates, video conferences for outfit choices and lots of online shopping contra deals. I'm planning to do some big time vintage shopping there, so I'll let you know my discoveries from an Aussie girls perspective.