Monday, September 8, 2008

Swimming in the Rain

My lovely American teacher buddies came over for a swim in our lovely roof top pool. Sadly, the Bangkok weather had other ideas for us and issued a down pour of biblical proportions. Lightning and thunder too! It's the wet season here so the weather can be pretty unpredictable. As I am typing the clouds are gathering and I can hear thunder in the distance.

So after about 2 hours of sitting inside (and several G & Ts) we decided to hoof it up to the roof, with our drinks, in our togs and go for a dip. Even when it rains here it isn't cold so that wasn't a problem. The temperature was peeeerrrrfect. We took Mr A's Olympus camera up with us, which is actually waterproof, and of course that resulted in some ridiculous photos. It was crazy fun! Here are just a few of them. (Kim sadly didn't go in the water - she was scared of the lightning.)

Marisa, Morgan and Me in the rain!!


Mr A and Nick - drinking and linking buddies!
My attempt at being "fierce". Mr A ruined it! Tyra would totally call me out for my left foot not being pointed anyway (I have developed a HUGE obsession with America's Next Top Model)

Gosh he can be a worry sometimes.


Circle of friends. Mr's A eyes freak me out in this picture!

Fun times were had by all. It was still raining when we left the pool. Once we dried off we had more drinks and played the champion drinking game of "Guess that Cover!" It was pretty hilarious. These guys are the best and worst thing about living overseas. They are wonderful because they are so so fun and great to go out with but I'll miss them like crazy when I leave!! I will be super sad!

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Julie said...

These pictures are SO cute!! I love your bathing suit, pretty girl!! Underwater pictures are the best. My sister has an underwater camera and we took a bunch of pictures like this last month. SO funny.