Sunday, July 6, 2008

Putting Up Walls

Ever since LC of Fops and Dandies fame blogged about these wall decals from BLIK I've been a little obsessed. With the price of housing in Australia at the moment, especially in Perth (you're looking at about $500,00 in a decentish suburb for a a place that is okay with no backyard), I can imagine I'll be renting for a really long time. So I think this is a really great way to a add something special to a room when you can't paint or put up pictures. They are taken from Threadless t-shirt designs. I think they are really beautiful. They wouldn't look great in my apartment here in BKK. Most of our walls are wall papered so I don't think they'd stick very well. If we move to San Francisco next year I think I will definitely have to look into getting some for our possibly awesome apartment (I say possibly because I am told rent there is wickedly expensive to).
I love the balloons but I also love these branches and let's go parasoling . You can also get these laser cut perspex ones from Australian Company Made By White. They are kinda pricey but include postage so I guess it's not so bad. I can just imagine my sewing room having these whimsical little tidbits on the wall. LOVE!

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