Saturday, July 12, 2008

Elly Like Ichigo!

WOOO! Cupcakes!! I made these for a Wii Party last night. Super double chocolate cupcakes with strawberry butter cream and chocolate fudge icing. Just my favourite Donna Hay chocolate cupcake recipe with my own crazy icing concoctions. I got the idea for these cupcakes from my favourite Japanese chocolate snack thingies, Meiji Apollo. A weird name I know but I love them. I got hooked when I first went to Japan at age 11 and have been pining for them ever since. So when I went back last year, I went to town on them. Thankfully, they are just as available in Bangkok as in Tokyo!

They turned out really well I think. I still need to improve my icing technique. I always put on way too much, almost the same height at the cupcake. But I'm definitely getting better at the double icing. I'd like to get the line between the colours a little more definite. I really like the icing flavours together though. The cakes look like they are wearing little pink skirts! The flavours balanced each other out well too. The strawberry was super sweet and light and the chocolate was super rich and fudgey. MMMMM!

Plus everyone really liked them, which is the most important thing I think. I will totally be baking it heaps while I'm over here. I have all these new ideas! And then maybe I can do something with it all when I get home. The Clara Cupcakes Bakery!

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Fashion Hayley said...

I love Meiji Apollo's too. They are my favourite Japanese chocolate, well that and "look" which is kinda like Australian Snack by Cadbury. You can get Apollo's in Melbourne's Chinatown, but they are $3.50 a box, not Y105 like in Japan.