Thursday, July 10, 2008

Princess Dreamin'

Is it wrong that I really, really, really want this head piece from etsy? It from the seller charm school design, who has some really lovely other things for sale as well. I don't think it's too pricey ($42USD) for something hand made and one of a kind (which is the great thing about etsy!). But is it too much? Since I have been doing Burlesque, my style has become decidedly overstated. If you saw my Hullabaloo 2008 ball dress I think you understand what I'm taking about (in the middle). I have always had a deep seated love for giant bows, sequins and feathers, I just think now I actually have the guts to wear it. So maybe this will be one of my tax return purchases. And this. And also this. And maybe this too. *squeal!!!!!*

**I've just noticed everything I've picked is very "Blair" from Gossip Girl. Oh dear, I've become one of those people. It's not so bad :)

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