Sunday, July 6, 2008

Desperately Seeking Sandals.

Today I went shopping at Platinum. It's just down the road from Central World/Zen (my favourite department store here). Platinum is where a lot of the young hip things in BKK shop for hot this minute trends at bargain prices. I go there for the accessories. Shopping here for me is a little depressing. I'm not huge (size 12 AU sometimes 10) but even if I worked out all day every day and at nothing but leafy goodness, I would never be as small as a Thai girl. I have boobs and an arse, something which most Thai girls lack. I can buy shirts but they are usually too short. I often walk into stores and the assistants will immediately say "Miss, no size!". And I can forget about bras and undies here too. I stocked up before I left.

So anyway, today I went on a mission for sandals. I'm sick of just wearing my black canvas sneakers all the time every time I go out. They don't really go with anything but are comfy and don't kill my feet. So thought sandals were the perfect solution. I hate thongs (flips flops to you Americans, not the equally uncomfortable and gross underwear) with a passion. I do have a pair but they were a last minute buy so I wouldn't ruin my pedicure and they were only 99 baht. They are actually pretty comfy and have a cute frangipani on the strap. Normally thongs make my feet ache and shred the skin between my big and second toe. But even if they are comfy, my feet get wicked dirty in them walking around Bangkok and the thongs themselves look just as grotty.

I bought a black and white pair last time I was here that reminded me of the sandals my Oma wears but the soles fell off in Singapore. They had this weird red paper inside and it flicked up all over my legs (it was raining). When I looked down I panicked for a second because I thought I'd contracted a tropical Skin Disease. I've seen them a few times since but won't by them again because they just didn't last long enough. I know gladiator sandals are in just about everywhere right now so I thought it would be easy to find a nice, simple, flat black or brown pair. Thailand rips off trends pretty quickly. But how wrong I was. EVERYTHING was either sparkly, heeled or thongs (or crocs.......I loathe these more than thongs. If you wear these abominations pretending to be shoes you are dead to me). I did find one cute pair but of course, they weren't in my size. It's sandals people! They are a shoe staple!!! After searching every soi on every floor and having no sandals to show for it, I decided I must have angered the accessories gods some how. Defeated, I started down the escalators to make my way home. And that's when I saw it.

Clearly the shoe gods hate me but the Hat gods do not. Ever since I saw the Sex in the City movie, I have been lusting after the hat Samantha wears in this scene:

Normally, I despise everything Samantha wears. Too much fluro for my taste and shoulder pads out the wazoo. *Bleck*. But this is pure skin protecting, vintage movie star, glamazon gorgeousness. FIERCE! As much as I loved it I never hoped to find anything like it for a reasonable price (I bet this hat cost at least $500).

I got a little burnt at the beach on the weekend. This is a huge problem for me because it puts me totally out of wack for at least a week. I don't know why but it just makes me feel sick. Anyway, I thought I'd look for a sunhat so I'd at least be a little more protected. That's when I found this:

Isn't it just the most fabulous thing you've ever seen! It was $50 which was more than I was looking to spend on a hat but I couldn't resist. I feel so glamorous when I wear it. I know Alex will hate it but I love it and that's all that matters. It's like my own little personal shade. It's not quite as big as Samantha's but it is pretty darn close. I can't wait to wear it too the beach! *squeal*

(sorry I look so sweaty and gross in this photo. I call it Bangkok Chic.)

Oh I also got an Anna Sui-esque black hand mirror (sorry, I couldn't get a good photo). There is something wonderfully decadent about hand mirrors and Anna Sui for that matter. *love*. And it was only 40baht ($1.30AUD).

Do you like my hat?


fashionhayleytokyo said...

Wow your hat is amazing, totally worth the $50. I also LOVE your swimsuit, its soooooo chic and retro and you look amazing in it.

Clara Cupcakes said...

It's actually not a swimsuit. It's a super stretchy long singlet I pulled down so it would kind of look like a retro swimsuit. Tehehehe. I am planning on buying one very, very soon with my tax return! WOO!

Thanks for your lovely comment! It's great to get one from a blogger I completely adore! *squeal*