Friday, October 24, 2008

Tea Time


I am completely obsessed with these items from Charlie Ccbb on etsy.

I'm obsessed with etsy in general at the moment. I suggest everyone go check it out! You can find some fabulous items hand crafted with love.
Also, I think someone should buy me this little set. Go on! You know you want to! I would love you forever and ever and ever.


Super Kawaii Mama said...

I bought a set similar to this from them earlier in the year for a friends birthday, and there are a tiny piece of perfection. Did you know they are based in Houston? Yes, I have discovered that there are some very cool places and great people there too. Any update on the possible transfer?

Reannon said...

I used to hate cute stuff to be honest. But the longer I stay in Japan, the more it's growing on me!

Clara Cupcakes said...

SKM - Sorry for the late reply. I'm terrible at this blogging business. We aren't moving to Houston. I was just warming up to the idea when Mr A's work informed us it would actually be in a town an hour out of Houston. He turned the job down. :)

Reannon - I am way too addicted to cute stuff, especially if it's shaped like food! Japan was like mecca for me. But I must admit some stuff was way over the top and stopped being kawaii and looked more kowai!