Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Photo by sujathafan

Bangkok has a pretty big Indian population, especially around Nana where I live. Which means there is a lot of delicious Indian food near me! YUM! I also find Indian people very friendly and interesting. I'd love to go there one day.

But I have had a problem with some weird Indian guys here. It happened the first time in MBK (a huge shopping centre). I was just coming out of the donut store with snacks for myself and my friends who were in the adjacent store when this Indian in a turban (nothing quite as fabulous as the gentleman in the photo) approached me.

"Excuse me madam" he said "On the outside you look healthy and happy but on the inside you are not well."
I was too shocked to say anything and he kept going. "You are going to get very sick and die soon. Your heart is also not happy. Would you like to go take a seat and talk about your life."

At this point I managed to splutter out "No thank you. I'm with my friends" and went to walk away. But the guy blocks me and says "Excuse me but we are talking about your life not you friends". I got really mad and told him that I didn't feel comfortable talking about my life with a complete stranger and push passed him back to my friends. I got quite upset by it and rally creeped out. I calmed down by the next day and forgot about it.

Since that day, this has happened to me half a dozen times. Always young Indian men wearing turbans, always telling me I'm sad on the inside. I just shrug it off now. But as it turns out, similar things have happened to all my foreign friends here. It happened again to me today.

Does anyone know what these guys are about? They are seriously creepy!!! I'd like to know why they say this sort of stuff to people.


Reannon said...

They could be Hindu holy men...I saw them all over in India. They don't work and live off of donations people give them for doing 'readings' or for presiding over weddings and funerals, etc. They are honored and respected in India...I don't know about Thailand. Perhaps it's a scam? The fact that they all use the same line when approaching people makes me think this might be true.

Clara Cupcakes said...

Reannon - Yeah maybe. They just looked like normal guys in turbans though, not like the guy in my picture (I just thought his turban was fierce and had to use that picture). I'm pretty open to that kind of stuff (fortune telling, palmistry etc) but only when I seek it out, not from creepy strangers. I was seriously really freaked out when the first guy approached me.