Friday, October 24, 2008

Helsinki Beauties



I'm also obsessed with these two girls flickr photo streams. They both live in Helsinki and have the most amazing sense of style. Their use of coats and layering is making me crave colder weather. I love the way they use colour. They also make me want to:

a) move to Helsinki, perhaps even defect and become Finnish;

b) shop at H & M. They both seem to have a lot of stunning items purchased from there;

c) buy Minna Parikka shoes and bags

d) dress up every day!

They both also seem to have a heap of great thrifted items. Is the vintage shopping really great in Helsinki?

Dang it! I want to own a really stylish coat! ASAP!

Sorry for the lack of actual pictures. Flickr wont let me post them! BOOO! You'll just have to go look for yourselves.

UPDATE: I found one of the lovely lady's blog by pure chance! It is pretty darn adorable!!

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marvelandmildew said...

I'm amazed and astounded by your style. Also, these girls are awesome.