Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Place to Call my own.

I know! I know!! I said I'd post more but things have been a little crazy since the start of the year. I've had visitors since the fourth and showing them around has been super tiring.

I'm going home in two weeks and I've trying to sort stuff out for that too. I have been thinking about own new house too. Mr A and I have very different tastes in interiors so we will try and keep the main area's of the house neutral. But we will both have our own rooms. Mr A for his guitars and me for my sewing. I can do whatever I like in my room!!!

A Place to Call my Own

I'm kinda going for a Kawaii Tea House/50's Boudoir/French Bordello kind of look. If you can understand that. I am completely in love with wall decals right now and I think some cherry blossoms would be beautiful. I really like the look of pink and red together also. Fashion Hayley pulls this off in her house so beautifully. I picked up some lovely red and pink frames at the markets on the weekend. I think I'll put some of my burlesque photos in them. I love the idea of bird cages too. I bought some in Vietnam. I want to fill them with butterflies and maybe even some plants/flowers! How sweet would that look!?

I like these colours a whole bunch! I'd also die and go to heaven if I could get my hands on a mirrored desk. Sadly, all the ones I have seen are way out of my decorating budget!!! BOOO!!! I really like the dressing table thing too. I despise having my make up and the such like in the bathroom. I'd love to have somewhere to sit and put my face on without having Mr A bugging me to get out because he has to pee or shave or something. I will defiantly get an inspiration board for my projects. I like to have everything laid out in front of me. I might even cover it with fabric to make it a little more aesthetically pleasing.

A day bed might be fun too!! Great for impromptu guests and lazily reading a book on a Sunday afternoon.

What do you think? I really want to make our new house more me. The one we are in now and even the one before showed far more of Mr A's taste then mine. I can't wait to start!

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Fashion Hayley said...

I love your home deco ideas. I really want some cherry blossom decals too. About the painting above the sofa, Henry made it, its just photoshopped found images/photos into a mirrored pattern, we printed it out A0 on paper (only $10 and you can't tell that its not canvass) and stapled it onto a $2 shop canvass ($10 for the canvass) all up $20. Henry measured it all in photoshop so it would fit the canvass properly, that was the most difficult part. It always gets compliments.