Saturday, January 17, 2009

Permanent Marker

So after deciding 2009 will be my year to start making some real changes, my mind has ultimately swung back to the thing I have been thinking about for years: getting a tattoo. This is not something I take lightly. I have been researching it for years, finding out everything possible (which colours last the longest, how the size and detail affects it as it get old and wrinkly, etc.). I even have a shortlist of people I would like to do my tattoo. 1# on the list is Angelique Houtkamp. Her style is amazing and exactly what I'm looking for. Sadly, this would be crushingly expensive and she lives in the Netherlands. But anyways!

I have been wanting to get a little tatty done to represent Mr A. We've been together almost 8 years! But I think name tattoos are lame (so does he - he's KILL me if I got one). So here is my idea:

I want a little sweetheart lolly on my inside wrist that says "BE MINE", perhaps with another in a different colour peeking out the edge. Small, cute classy and totally cute! I definitely think I will get this done in the new year. But, like most people I'm scared of the pain! I suppose I shall just have to bite the bullet and get it over with! It will be worth it.


Tanya said...

I have a butterfly on my inside wrist. The pain is not so bad. If you take a long finger nail and run it quite hard down the skin where you want the tat you'll get an idea of the 'pain' involved. Waxing, in my opinion is so much worse!! Great idea for the design though very original.

Super Kawaii Mama said...

You could always go for one of the custom made tattoo necklaces from Lady Luck Rules Okay. Very cool and much less pain involved.
BTW I can now be found at If you could update any links it would be much appreciated.

Sadako said...

That would be really awesome. But I agree--I'm a wuss about pain, too.