Sunday, November 30, 2008

Dear PAD

I see have made a mistake in thinking you are, deep down, rational people who will come to your senses and realise how silly you are being. As it turns out, you are crazy fooligans who do not deserve my faith. Where do I even begin in telling you how stupid you are being.

I know you feel cheated and angry that Somchai was elected. I get it. I felt the same way when that damn gnome of a man got voted back in as our Priminster 4 years ago. I was super sad as I beheaded one of my John Howard gingerbread men (I had and election party and made the cookies so everyone could have fun mangling Johnnie boy all night). But here is where we differ. I didn't start a riot. Why you ask? Because he was democratically elected. As much as I hated it, the people of Australia decided that's what they wanted and that was that. The best I could do was not support his terrible policies and not vote for him again the next time. Somchai was democratically elected by the people of Thailand. Your people. Do you see where I'm going with this?

So, even though he has just been elected, you seem to think he is already corrupt. He is going to steal money from the budget and the Thai people, just like Taksin. Word up PAD. You're costing Thailand and it's people 3 billion baht A DAY! That equates to $300 000 USD. People losing work, people can't get their products out to the world, airlines are losing money, tourism is almost at a stand still and well, you get the idea. You are doing the same thing you are alleging the government will do at some point! Hypocrisy in action. I know that you say this is Somchai's fault and if he'd just step down you'd leave and all this money would be saved but you have caused the problem in the first place.

1 millions Thais will lose their jobs next year because of the damage you've done. I hope your happy about that. Can you really live with that? And I see you are threatening violence now. Oh and taken a hostage. Showing everyone how sensible you are hmm?

You are thugs, you are criminals, YOU ARE TERRORISTS! You are stopping tourists getting home to their jobs, their families and their lives. You damaging your own country. Congratulations on making your country the mot dangerous in the world. Idiots. There are better, more democratic ways of going about getting your point of view across. Come to your senses and get the HELL out of the airport(s).



p.s. If you could get out by Thursday so I could actually go on my holiday to China that would be greatly appreciated. Morons.

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