Friday, August 1, 2008

My New Baby!!!

Meet Jemima!! She's a Janome Junior (I love Janome. My mum always told me it's the only sewing machine brand I should buy). She's super portable and tiny. She comes with her own carry bag and everything! Super shmick.

I've been pulling my hair out for 2 weeks trying to find a little machine such as this. Mr A said he was sure he had seen them in a department store. The only machine I had ever seen was a pink Hello Kitty (super cute!!!) one in this little San Rio store. But he refused to buy me it because it was waaaaayyy over priced. So I went looking elsewhere. I found one for $30 but it was super dodgy and only straight stitched. I couldn't even adjust the tension!! So I trekked to every department store in the downtown Bangkok area and asked in every fabric store. Nobody had a clue! Finally, we went to the San Rio store and checked out the machine there. It was exactly what I needed. But Mr A was determined that he had seen them somewhere else cheaper. We went into the Central department store near his work and sure enough, there they were! It took me all of 30 seconds to decide Jemima was the one for me. LOVE!!!

I can finally start making a dent on the fabric I have been accumulating at a very scary pace. Stay tuned for many many crafty adventures staring Jemima & Clara! Hooray!

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