Sunday, June 22, 2008

My Arch Nemisis!

Photo by Timballa

I have an arch Nemesis, code name: Stinkeye Man. He goes to the gym the same time as me in the morning (which is 6am by the way. I know, I'm crazy). Every time I walk in, he gives me the most evil stink eye known to man.* He continues to give me the stinkeye for his entire work out. He also smells and doesn't bring a towel with him to wipe down the equipment (ewwwww!), number 47 on the "Elly's Pet Hates" list. Plus he doesn't use the gym stuff properly and wears inappropriate shoes. He just annoys the crap out of me. I still smile at him anyway when I walk in, even though he is a douche. And what do I get in return. The ol' stinkeye, that's what.

And NOW I think he is trying to get me to leave the gym. When I come in now he is using my favourite treadmill which is the first thing I use in the morning so I have to use the old one that's squeaky. Then he doesn't get off until I am done on mine so I can't use it. He also changes his speed every time I do and goes faster than I am going. He is definitely trying to make me feel so uncomfortable that I will leave.

To bad for him. I'm a stubborn SOB. The force is strong within me and I will not cross over to the dark side! Plus it gives me even more motivation to keep going, just to annoy him and, hypothetically, flip him off when he's not looking.

*Side note: Stinkeye Man is not as cute as this puppy.

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