Sunday, May 4, 2008

I *Heart* BKK

The view from my apartment.

So I'm back in the Kok (heh). And I'm glad. It took a hellish 12 hour tiger flight to get here. I was already pissed off when I checked in because I realised there was a highschool rugby group on my flight who I thought were going to make a horrible amount of noise. But I didn't hear a peep from them all night. There were however, some very loud and obnoxious english slappers, two groups infact. It seemed they were from opposing slapper/laddette gangs or something because they started fighting and yelling at each other for reasons I clearly was not chav enough to understand. Heartbreaking. It was a bit amusing. There was also a "Is there a Doctor on the plane??!!!" moment when the woman behind me passed out and couldn't be revived. Luckily there was one (which brings me to the question of why a doctor is flying on a budget airline). He put her on a drip and sat with her until we landed. So we had to wait on the plane 20 minutes while they organised the stretcher but then the lady just got up herself and walked off! Luckily, there was more amusment in the form of the slapper gangs waring as the got off. There was alot of "Fookin' bitch" and "Oh shut it you right slag or I'll 'ave you". Hehehehehe. Slappers. So after all that, I finally arrived in Bangkok, was through immigration in a flash (there was no line!! That never happens!) and my bag was the first off WOO! Ale was there to meet me and we stepped out of the aircon and into the slap in the face known as Bangkok weather.

I guess I haven't been away that long but is was enough time for me to almost forget how much I love it here. It's dirty, smoggy and there's a general smell of garbage water around every corner. It's fiercely muggy pretty much all the time. Tuk-tuk bug the crap out of you. There are mangy dogs and cats all over the place. And they have squat toilet. I hate squat toilets, no matter how much more "hygenic" they might be (note: I don't find standing in other people's pee very hygenic-sorry Doc).
But this is a city full of life. There is always something happening. But at the same time, people move through the city at a slow pace. No body ever seems to be in a rush (except Tuk Tuks). I swear, the Thais invented ambling. Sure there are people trying to rip you off but if you actualy read up on everything you're warned about it all and if you are polite they leave you alone. It is totally worth putting up with those little hassles. The food oh the food. It is so good. I'm currently addicted to buying whole cobbs of corn from street stalls. Not strictly Thai food but it's soooo good!!! My soi has so much good food, both street and restaurant. There are THREE places to get really great massages and manicures and the train is only a short walk away. I have been walking everywhere tho. BKK is not exactly the best city for walking but it can be done!

Oh plus, before I forget, Alex and I have move house since I was last here. I'm now living on Soi 11 right near Sukhumvit. There is so much more to do here than Nonthaburi (about an hour out of anything exciting) where I was before. My new apartment is just as nice as the last one, maybe even a little nicer. It has a gym, a pool (which isn't as nice or as big as the one at my last apartment but it is on the roof) ping pong and squash (I use the squash court for Hula Hoop practise tehehehe). I can just walk down the street and there are a million things to do. Plus I am alot closer to alot of my favourite haunts, like say, the Wat Po massage school or Platinum shopping emporium.

So, I am glad I am back. I am hoping to make as much of my time here as possible. I plan by the time I leave to be atleast confident enough to have a conversation in Thai. I's also really like to learn to cook good Thai food. So many things, and I have all the time in the world. Somewhere in between I'll be be guzzling down copious amounts of Tom Kha Gai, quaffing lemon iced tea and exploring Asia with Alex. Mmmmm, life is good.

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